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Everyone’s heard that “print is dead.” But that’s just not true. The reality is people want to consume news and other media in different forms at different times for different purposes. Which is why newspapers have often led the way with innovation. And now Block Communications is doing it again—by keeping the daily print editions of The Toledo Blade and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette while expanding into a visually-rich interactive experience known as NewsSlide.

From paper to pixel

In a print edition, most stories can’t afford the column inches for more than one image. But in a digital edition, the storytelling can include whole photo galleries, videos, maps, charts, even related stories—and all can be updated as news happens. The technical platforms behind NewsSlide allow even smaller teams to deliver the visual richness equivalent to a monthly publication, executed on a daily (or even hourly!) basis. They also empower the local paper to deliver the relevant, measurable ad offering advertisers want.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette got a 4.3 star rating with 1.6k ratings

4.3 with 1.6k Ratings

Toledo Blade got a 4.3 star rating with 1.6k ratings

4.3 with 1.6k Ratings

“We’re very proud of News­Slide. We faced a daunting challenge of developing a solution to our digital publishing problem. Hanson helped us develop the scalable and flexible solution we needed to meet our vision of producing a lot of great news, very rapidly. We’re excited to see it catching on with readers and advertisers.”

— John Crisp, Vice President of Digital Media for Block Communications, Inc.

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